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[兒歌] 小小蜘蛛 Incy Wincy Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

這首歌由英文的Incy Wincy Spider(Itsy Bitsy Spider)翻譯而成,配上手勢可以讓孩子被隨音樂加強語境、增加手指的靈活度、學到太陽與下雨、上與下的方位概念。老師家長可以一開始用正常的速度教唱,孩子們逐漸熟悉之後,可用不同的蜘蛛角色,唱出不同的趣味,如快快的蜘蛛就唱得快一點考驗手勢記憶、胖胖大大的蜘蛛就用低沈的聲音唱出胖胖重重的感覺。


小小的蜘蛛爬上水管 將右手食指對左手大拇指、左手食指對右手大拇指做出往上爬的動作。

嘩啦啦下雨了 牠被沖下來 雙手由上往下做出下雨,接著做出雨水沖下的動作。

太陽公公出來曬一曬 雙手畫張開劃個圓,然後做出雨水蒸發樣子。

小小的蜘蛛爬上水管 將右手食指對左手大拇指、左手食指對右手大拇指做出往上爬的動作。

MandaRhymes Update - Better Audio Controls

We have exciting news: MandaRhymes has been updated to make the user experience even better! Thanks to helpful feedback from our growing user base, we have implemented the following changes:

  • “Sticky” audio controls on the rhyme pages. This means you can play/pause/seek on the music without having to scroll all the way back to the top (great for those longer rhymes!).
  • Improved touch support for the audio seek bar.
  • Switched to nicer social media share buttons, with the ability to share to almost any social media site.
  • Made this blog easier to read on mobile!

Feedback Welcome

We are always grateful for feedback, especially if it helps us improve the site, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know by sending them to [email protected]!

[兒歌] 小羊妹妹 Baa Baa Black Sheep

這首歌由英格蘭兒歌《Baa Baa Black Sheep》翻譯而成,旋律與《小星星》相同,這首歌可能一開始是抗議英格蘭於中世紀的羊毛稅與奴隸制度。”ba ba”在英文裡是羊的叫聲,因此在這首中文歌中的「小羊妹妹」也可以唱成「小羊咩咩(mie)」模仿羊的叫聲來增加趣味。


Mandarin + Rhymes = MandaRhymes! 我們是雙語寶寶的家長:一位台灣媽媽與英國爸爸。決定要給寶寶雙語環境之後,我們嘗試不同方法讓小孩習慣兩種語言的環境,除了堅持用自己熟悉的語言跟寶寶講話之外,我們也發現音樂與念謠能讓孩子很輕易地記憶詞彙、加強認知能力。


如您有任何建議、指教,或有英文兒歌想翻譯成中文歌詞、創意台語詞曲等等希望我們簡易編曲錄製並放上網站,歡迎來信與我們聯繫: [email protected]。ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

Welcome to MandaRhymes - Mandarin Chinese Rhymes!

Greetings! We are delighted to launch MandaRhymes, a brand new web app that allows babies, toddlers, children, mummies, daddies, and everybody else to sing Mandarin Chinese songs together, and hopefully learn a few new words in the process!

How to Use MandaRhymes

MandaRhymes presents you with the rhyme both as music, and written down in Chinese characters. Don't worry - we'll highlight them as the music is playing so you'll know which word is being sung. Listen to how they sound. We have also provided the Hanyu Pinyin romanisation above each character to help with pronunciation. We'll cover the basics of Pinyin in a future post.

At the bottom of the rhyme page, you'll see the full Chinese text, the same text as Pinyin, and an approximate translation into English. To hear the pronunciation of the words in Mandarin Chinese, click Say Rhyme to hear a spoken audio version.

Click here to visit the main menu, and select the rhyme you'd like to sing. Simply click the Play button, and watch the correct Chinese characters highlight at the right moment. To select another rhyme, either return to the main page, or you can use the Rhymes menu at the top of every page.

We hope you have fun singing and learning Chinese with MandaRhymes. Stay tuned; many more rhymes and features are on their way!